Ever since Megyn Kelly’s morning show premiered on NBC back in the fall, her ratings have been plummeting. Earlier this month, she hit a new low when NBC announced it would not be sending her to South Korea to cover the Winter Olympics with the rest of the “Today” team.

Just when Kelly thought things couldn’t get any worse, she learned today that NBC executives have banned her from covering the royal wedding in May.

Radar Online reported that Kelly begged to be sent to cover the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle along with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. However, an NBC insider said that NBC News President Noah Oppenheim“personally vetoed the request.”

“NBC is going all out for their royal wedding coverage and has only the best correspondents with insider knowledge about the couple and everything going on behind the scenes,” the source said.

“With NBC putting millions of dollars of resources into the wedding coverage, the last thing that anyone wants is Megyn to be there and say something completely inappropriate on the air which would create its own controversy,” the source added. “She would somehow manage to upstage the royal wedding, and her bosses just aren’t going to take a chance on that.”

Kelly made headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this month when she went off on Hollywood star Jane Fonda in a bizarre rant on live television.

“What Megyn is doing is suicide,” an insider previously said, adding that the host “is welcome to kill her show but she will not be allowed to take down the Today show with her.”

Many were surprised when NBC decided not to fly Kelly to South Korea to cover the Olympics.

“It is odd that NBC News would leave its highest-paid host at home,” said The Hill’s Joe Concha. “Megyn’s ratings are improving a bit as the show has focused on the sexual harassment issue, but she could still use the kind of exposure and interviews you only get when physically at the Olympics.”

“I sense that NBC feels Kelly could be a lightning rod and distract viewers from the feel-good nature of Olympics coverage,” added media analyst Jeff McCall.

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