The mainstream media is constantly trying to make it look like Muslim migrants are “peaceful” people who pose no threat to the Western world. That’s why you won’t be hearing about this from most media outlets…

Mad World News reported that a smug migrant showed absolutely no remorse when he was on trial for threatening to rape and kill police officers and their families. When he came unhinged with a bizarre outburst in which his judge of being racist, however, he immediately learned the hard way that he’d made a huge mistake.

Marial Dar was 6 years-old when his parents brought him to Australia from Sudan as a refugee back in 2004. Now 20 years-old, Dar never assimilated and instead was repeatedly arrested for unprovoked attacks on Melbourne police officers, threatening to kill them and rape their family members.

When Dar appeared in court last week, he repeatedly ignored warnings to stop disrupting the proceedings and disrespectfully accused Magistrate Frank Jones of being a “racist.” The judge fired back by saying that because he has such a “big mouth,” he can unleash all the inane rants he wants from behind bars as his request for bail was being denied.

“It’s because you are racist. You have no respect,” Dar shouted. “What about my human rights? I’m going to sue you and your jurisdiction.”

Dar was thrown back in his cell as the judge said he would not let the refugee back in his courtroom, as the next hearing will be done via video.

“He’s a very angry man at the moment,” Jones said. “He thinks everyone is against him. Bail to me, in these circumstances, is not on.”

Dar was arrested earlier this month after he approached an off-duty police officer, strangely accusing him of robbery and assault before threatening the officer with murder.

“You stole my wallet you c—, you split my lip you dog, I know where you live,” Dar allegedly said before pressing his face against the officer’s and saying, “You weak dog… I’m gonna kill you.”

“I’m gonna kill him. I don’t care if I do time for it. I’ll remember his face, don’t worry. I’ll kill that motherf—–,” Dar allegedly added.

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